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liter (unit of volume), pl. liters, abbr. L

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About liter

The liter is the original base unit of volume in the metric system equal to 0.001 cubic meters (1 L = 0.001 m3), the derived unit of volume in the International System of Units (SI).

The liter (L) is also equal to 1015 cubic micrometers (μm3), or 1,000,000 cubic millimeters (mm3) or 1,000 cubic centimeters (cm3) (units of volume in the SI), or 1,000,000 microliters (μL), or 1,000 milliliters (mL), or 10 deciliters (dL) or 0.001 kiloliters (kL), which are units of volume in the metric system.

One liter corresponds to one cubic decimeter.

1 L = 1 dm3

Symbol: L

Plural: liters

Also known as: litre (plural: litres, Int. spelling)

Subdivisions and multiples of the liter using SI prefixes

Subdivisions of the liter
Name Symbol Value
deciliter dL 10-1 L
centiliter cL 10-2 L
milliliter mL 10-3 L
microliter μL 10-6 L
nanoliter nL 10-9 L
picoliter pL 10-12 L
femtoliter fL 10-15 L
attoliter aL 10-18 L
zeptoliter zL 10-21 L
yoctoliter yL 10-24 L
Multiples of the liter
Name Symbol Value
decaliter daL 101 L
hectoliter hL 102 L
kiloliter kL 103 L
megaliter ML 106 L
gigaliter GL 109 L
teraliter Tm 1012 L
petaliter PL 1015 L
exaliter EL 1018 L
zettaliter ZL 1021 L
yottaliter YL 1024 L

Liter conversions: a detailed list with conversions from liters to other (metric, imperial, or customary) volume measurement units is presented below.

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