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What is barrel of oil equivalent?

The barrel of oil equivalent is a unit of energy equal to approximately 6.1178632x109 joules (1 BOE = 6.1178632x109 J), the SI derived unit of energy. It is also equal to 6.1178632x106 kilojoules (kJ), or 6,117.8632 megajoules (MJ), or 6.1178632 gigajoules (GJ), or 5.7986154807x106 British thermal units (IT) (BTU), or 3.2214530448x106 Celsius heat units (IT) (CHU), or 1.4622043977x106 kilocalories (thermochemical) (kcal) or 1,699.406444444 kilowatt hours (kWh).

The barrel of oil equivalent is the approximate energy that results by burning one barrel of crude oil. The oil barrel is a unit of volume or capacity equal to 42 US gallons (gal) or 0.158987295 cubic meters (m3).




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