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What is foot-pound force?

The foot-pound force is a unit of energy or work equal to 1.3558179 joules (1 ft-lbf = 1.3558179 J), the SI derived unit of energy. It is also equal to 1.3558179x109 nanojoules (nJ), or 0.0013558179 kilojoules (kJ), or 1.3558179x107 ergs (erg), or 32.1740474 foot-poundal (ft-pdl) or 12 inch-pound force (in-lbf).

The foot-pound force is the work done when a force of one pound-force acts over a distance of one foot (1 ft-lbf = 1 lbf × 1 ft). The pound-force (lbf) is a unit of force while the foot (ft) is a unit of length.

The SI is an abbreviation for the International System of Units.


ft lbf


foot-pounds force

Also known as:

foot-pound (plural: foot-pounds, abbreviation: ft-lb, ft lb)

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