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standard cubic foot (unit of energy), pl. standard cubic feet, abbr. scf

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About standard cubic foot

The standard cubic foot is a unit of energy equal to 2,869.2044809344 joules (1 scf = 2,869.2044809344 J), the SI derived unit of energy.

The standard cubic foot (scf) is also equal to 2.8692044809344 kilojoules (kJ), or 685.756329095 calories (thermochemical) (cal), or 0.685756329095 kilocalories (thermochemical) (kcal), or 1.51082284928 Celsius heat units (IT) (CHU), or 0.797001244704 watt hours (Wh) or 7.97001244704 × 10-4 kilowatt hours (kWh).

Common multiples of standard cubic feet include:

  • hundred cubic feet (ccf)
  • thousand cubic feet (Mcf)
  • million cubic feet (MMcf)
  • billion cubic feet (Bcf)
  • trillion cubic feet (Tcf)
  • quadrillion cubic feet (Qcf)

Symbol: scf

Plural: standard cubic feet

Also known as: cubic foot of atmosphere (plural: cubic feet of atmosphere, abbreviation: cu ft atm)

Standard cubic foot conversions: a detailed list with conversions from standard cubic feet to other (metric, imperial, or customary) energy measurement units is displayed below.

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