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What is hundredweight (US)?

The hundredweight (US) (or short hundredweight) is a unit of mass in the US customary system of units equal to 45.359237 kilograms (1 cwt = 45.359237 kg), the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI). It is also equal to 45,359.237 grams (g) (an SI unit of mass), or 0.045359237 tonnes (t) (a unit of mass in the metric system), or 100 pounds (lb) or 1,600 ounces (oz), which are US customary / Imperial units of mass.

The hundredweight definition varies depending on the system of units used, as follows:

  • The hundredweight (UK) or long hundredweight, equal to 112 pounds (lb) or 50.80234544 kilograms (kg)
  • The hundredweight (US) or short hundredweight, equal to 100 pounds (lb) or 45.359237 kilograms (kg)

The hundredweight (US) is commonly used in the United States in the sale of cereal grains, livestock, oilseeds and concrete additives.




hundredweights (US)

Also known as:

short hundredweight (plural: short hundredweights), net hundredweight (plural: net hundredweights), cental, centum weight (US) (symbol: cwt)

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