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The picogram conversion selector selects the mass/weight measurement unit to convert to starting from picograms (pg). To make a conversion starting from a unit of mass other than picogram, simply click on the "Reset" button.

What is picogram?

The picogram is a unit of mass in the metric system equal to 10-15 kilograms (1 pg = 10-15 kg), the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI). It is also equal to 10-12 grams (g), or 10-9 milligrams (mg) or 10-6 micrograms (μg) (SI units of mass), or approximately 2.20462x10-15 pounds (lb) or 35.27396x10-15 ounces (oz), which are US customary / Imperial units of mass.





Also known as:

picogramme (plural: picogrammes, traditional British-English spelling)