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What is minim (UK)?

The Imperial minim (or minim (UK)) is a unit of volume in the Imperial system of units equal to 5.91938802083x10-8 cubic meters (1 imp min = 5.91938802083x10-8 m³), the derived unit of volume in the International System of Units (SI). It is also equal to 59.1938802083 cubic millimeters (mm³), or 0.0591938802083 cubic centimeters (cm³) or 5.91938802083x10-5 cubic decimeters (dm³) (units of volume in the SI), or 59.1938802083 microliters (μL), or 0.0591938802083 milliliters (mL), or 5.91938802083x10-4 deciliters (dL) or 5.91938802083x10-5 liters (L), which are units of volume in the metric system.

The minim definition varies depending on the system of units used, as follows:

The minim is used as a unit of volume for dosages of medicine.




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minim (UK) (plural: minims (UK))

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