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The section conversion selector on this page selects the area/surface measurement unit to convert to starting from sections. To make a conversion starting from a unit of area other than section, simply click on the "Reset" button.

What is section?

The section is a US land surveying unit of area equal to one square mile (1 section = 1.0 sq mi). The section is equal to 2,589,988.11 square meters (m2) or 2.58998811 square kilometers (km2) (units of area in the SI), or 258.998811 hectares (ha) (a unit of area in the metric system), or 640 acres (ac), or 27.8784x106 square feet (sq ft) or 3.0976x106 square yards (sq yd), which are Imperial / US customary units of area.

Common section conversions:

  • 36 sections are equivalent to one survey township
  • One quarter section is equal to 160 acres (ac) or 64.7497 hectares (ha)
  • One quarter-quarter section is equal to 40 acres (ac) or 16 hectares (ha)