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tera-electron volt (unit of energy), pl. tera-electron volts, abbr. TeV

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About tera-electron volt

The tera-electron volt, or teraelectronvolt, is a unit of energy equal to 1.60217656535 × 10-7 joules (1 TeV = 1.60217656535 × 10-7 J), the SI derived unit of energy.

The tera-electron volt (TeV) is also equal to 160.217656535 nanojoules (nJ), or 1.60217656535 × 10-4 millijoules (mJ), or 1.60217656535 × 10-10 kilojoules (kJ), or 1012 electronvolts (eV) or 109 kiloelectronvolts (keV).

One teraelectronvolt (TeV) is equal to 1012 electronvolts (eV). The electronvolt is the kinetic energy gained by a free electron when it travels through a potential difference of one volt.

The teraelectronvolt is used in physics for measuring the energies of elementary particles.

Symbol: TeV

Plural: tera-electron volts

Also known as: teraelectron-volt (plural: teraelectron-volts), tera-electron volt (plural: tera-electron volts)

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