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Horsepower-hour to gigajoules conversion table (chart)

The conversion table to the right is a default, short version of the horsepower-hour to gigajoules conversion table. You also have an option to create the horsepower-hour to gigajoules conversion table for the specific values you need. You can choose the initial value (in horsepower-hour), the increment and the number of rows you want to show up in the conversion table.To create your customized horsepower-hour to gigajoules conversion table, click on the 'create conversion table' button.

horsepower-hour (hph)gigajoule (GJ)

Conversion Formula

By using the online converter calculator on this page, you can calculate how many gigajoules are in 'X' horsepower-hour (X is the number of horsepower-hour you want to convert to gigajoules). In order to convert a value from horsepower-hour to gigajoules (from hph to GJ) simply type the number of horsepower-hour to be converted to gigajoules and then click on the 'convert' button. The formula used for converting a specific value from horsepower-hour to gigajoules is:

X horsepower-hour * cf = Y gigajoules

X = the specific value to be converted (in horsepower-hour)
cf = the conversion factor from horsepower-hour to gigajoules
Y = the result (in gigajoules)

Let's suppose that you have a value of energy of 582 horsepower-hour and want to express it in gigajoules.
582 hph = (582 × 0.0026845195376962) GJ
582 hph = 1.5623903709392 GJ

Conversion factor

1 horsepower-hour is equal to 0.0026845195376962 gigajoule
(1 hph = 0.0026845195376962 GJ )

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