Joules to terajoules (J to TJ)

Convert joules to terajoules

Joules to terajoules conversion factor

1 joule is equal to 1.0E-12 terajoules

(1 J = 1.0E-12 TJ)

Joules to terajoules conversion formula

Energy(TJ) = Energy (J) × 1.0E-12

Example: How many terajoules are in 346 joules?

Energy(TJ) = 346 ( J ) × 1.0E-12 ( TJ / J )

Energy(TJ) = 3.46E-10 TJor

346 J = 3.46E-10 TJ

346 joules equals 3.46E-10 terajoules

Joules to terajoules conversion table

joules (J)terajoules (TJ)
25 J2.5E-11 TJ
30 J3.0E-11 TJ
35 J3.5E-11 TJ
40 J4.0E-11 TJ
45 J4.5E-11 TJ
50 J5.0E-11 TJ
55 J5.5E-11 TJ
60 J6.0E-11 TJ
joules (J)terajoules (TJ)
350 J3.5E-10 TJ
600 J6.0E-10 TJ
850 J8.5E-10 TJ
1100 J1.1E-9 TJ
1350 J1.35E-9 TJ
1600 J1.6E-9 TJ
1850 J1.85E-9 TJ
2100 J2.1E-9 TJ

Versions of the joules to terajoules conversion table. To create a joules to terajoules conversion table for different values, click on the "Create a customized energy conversion table" button.

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