Microjoules to megajoules (μJ to MJ)

Convert microjoules to megajoules

Microjoules to megajoules conversion factor

1 microjoule is equal to 1.0E-12 megajoules

(1 μJ = 1.0E-12 MJ)

Microjoules to megajoules conversion formula

Energy(MJ) = Energy (μJ) × 1.0E-12

Example: How many megajoules are in 243 microjoules?

Energy(MJ) = 243 ( μJ ) × 1.0E-12 ( MJ / μJ )

Energy(MJ) = 2.43E-10 MJor

243 μJ = 2.43E-10 MJ

243 microjoules equals 2.43E-10 megajoules

Microjoules to megajoules conversion table

microjoules (μJ)megajoules (MJ)
25 μJ2.5E-11 MJ
30 μJ3.0E-11 MJ
35 μJ3.5E-11 MJ
40 μJ4.0E-11 MJ
45 μJ4.5E-11 MJ
50 μJ5.0E-11 MJ
55 μJ5.5E-11 MJ
60 μJ6.0E-11 MJ
microjoules (μJ)megajoules (MJ)
250 μJ2.5E-10 MJ
400 μJ4.0E-10 MJ
550 μJ5.5E-10 MJ
700 μJ7.0E-10 MJ
850 μJ8.5E-10 MJ
1000 μJ1.0E-9 MJ
1150 μJ1.15E-9 MJ
1300 μJ1.3E-9 MJ

Versions of the microjoules to megajoules conversion table. To create a microjoules to megajoules conversion table for different values, click on the "Create a customized energy conversion table" button.

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