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The gigapascal conversion selector on this page selects the pressure/stress measurement unit to convert to starting from gigapascals (GPa). To make a conversion starting from a unit of pressure other than gigapascal, simply click on the "Reset" button.

What is gigapascal?

The gigapascal is a unit of pressure equal to 109 pascals (1 GPa = 109 Pa), the SI derived unit of pressure. It is also equal to 106 kilopascals (kPa), or 1,000 megapascals (MPa), or 9,869.23267 atmospheres (atm), or 10,000 bars (bar), or 7.500616x106 millimeters of mercury at 0 °C (mmHg), or 4,014,630 inches of water at 4 °C (inH2O), or 1.45037x105 pounds per square inch (psi), or 2.0885434x107 pounds per square foot (psf) or 7.50061683x106 torr (Torr).

The gigapascal is equal to 109 newtons per square meter (1 GPa = 109 N/m²). The newton (N) is a unit of force in the SI while the square meter (m²) is a unit of area in the SI.

The SI is an abbreviation for the International System of Units.





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