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The pascal conversion selector above selects the pressure/stress measurement unit to convert to starting from pascals (Pa). To make a conversion starting from a unit of pressure other than pascal, simply click on the "Reset" button.

What is pascal?

The pascal is the SI derived unit of pressure. One pascal is equal to 1,000 millipascals (mPa), or 0.01 hectopascals (hPa), or 0.001 kilopascals (kPa), or 10-6 megapascals (MPa) or 10-9 gigapascals (GPa), which are units of pressure in the SI. It is also equal to 9.86923267x10-6 atmospheres (atm), or 10-5 bars (bar), or 0.007500616 millimeters of mercury at 0 °C (mmHg), or 0.00401463 inches of water at 4 °C (inH2O), or 0.000145037 pounds per square inch (psi), or 0.020885434 pounds per square foot (psf) or 0.00750061683 torr (Torr).

The pascal is equal to one newton per square meter (1 Pa = 1 N/m²). The newton (N) is a unit of force in the SI while the square meter (m²) is a unit of area in the SI.

The pascal unit is named after the famous French physicist, mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal who lived between 1623 and 1662.

The SI is an abbreviation for the International System of Units.