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acre-foot (unit of volume), pl. acre-feet, abbr. ac ft

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About acre-foot

The international acre-foot is a unit of volume equal to 1,233.48184 cubic meters (1 ac ft = 1,233.48184 m3), the derived unit of volume in the International System of Units (SI).

The acre-foot (ac ft) is also equal to 1.23348184 × 109 cubic centimeters (cm3), or 1.23348184 cubic decameters (dam3) or 1.23348184 × 10-6 cubic kilometers (km3) (units of volume in the SI), or 1,233,481.84 liters (L), or 123,348.184 decaliters (daL), or 12,334.8184 hectoliters (hL) or 1,233.48184 kiloliters (kL), which are units of volume in the metric system.

The acre-foot definition varies depending on the system of units used, as follows:

  • The international acre-foot, equal to 43,560 international cubic feet (cu ft) or 1,233.48184 cubic meters (m3)
  • The US survey acre-foot, equal to 43,560 US survey cubic feet (cu ft) or about 1,233.48924 cubic meters (m3)

The acre-foot formula:

1 acre-foot = 1 acre × 1 foot

A volume of 1.0 acre-foot (ac ft) is equivalent to the volume of a rectangular prism that has a surface area (length × width) of 1.0 acre and a depth of 1.0 foot. The acre (ac) is a unit of area in the US customary / Imperial systems of units. The foot (ft) is a unit of length in the US customary / Imperial systems of units.

The acre-foot is used as a unit of volume for large-scale water resources.

Symbol: ac ft

Plural: acre-feet

Also known as: acre foot (plural: acre feet)

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