Gigawatts to nanowatts (GW to nW)

Convert gigawatts to nanowatts

Gigawatts to nanowatts conversion factor

1 gigawatt is equal to 1.0E+18 nanowatts

(1 GW = 1.0E+18 nW)

Gigawatts to nanowatts conversion formula

Power(nW) = Power (GW) × 1.0E+18

Example: How many nanowatts are in 419 gigawatts?

Power(nW) = 419 ( GW ) × 1.0E+18 ( nW / GW )

Power(nW) = 4.19E+20 nWor

419 GW = 4.19E+20 nW

419 gigawatts equals 4.19E+20 nanowatts

Gigawatts to nanowatts conversion table

gigawatts (GW)nanowatts (nW)
4 GW4.0E+18 nW
6 GW6.0E+18 nW
8 GW8.0E+18 nW
10 GW1.0E+19 nW
12 GW1.2E+19 nW
14 GW1.4E+19 nW
16 GW1.6E+19 nW
18 GW1.8E+19 nW
gigawatts (GW)nanowatts (nW)
250 GW2.5E+20 nW
400 GW4.0E+20 nW
550 GW5.5E+20 nW
700 GW7.0E+20 nW
850 GW8.5E+20 nW
1000 GW1.0E+21 nW
1150 GW1.15E+21 nW
1300 GW1.3E+21 nW

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