Watts to terawatts (W to TW)

Convert watts to terawatts

Watts to terawatts conversion factor

1 watt is equal to 1.0E-12 terawatts

(1 W = 1.0E-12 TW)

Watts to terawatts conversion formula

Power(TW) = Power (W) × 1.0E-12

Example: How many terawatts are in 184 watts?

Power(TW) = 184 ( W ) × 1.0E-12 ( TW / W )

Power(TW) = 1.84E-10 TWor

184 W = 1.84E-10 TW

184 watts equals 1.84E-10 terawatts

Watts to terawatts conversion table

watts (W)terawatts (TW)
10 W1.0E-11 TW
15 W1.5E-11 TW
20 W2.0E-11 TW
25 W2.5E-11 TW
30 W3.0E-11 TW
35 W3.5E-11 TW
40 W4.0E-11 TW
45 W4.5E-11 TW
watts (W)terawatts (TW)
150 W1.5E-10 TW
250 W2.5E-10 TW
350 W3.5E-10 TW
450 W4.5E-10 TW
550 W5.5E-10 TW
650 W6.5E-10 TW
750 W7.5E-10 TW
850 W8.5E-10 TW

Versions of the watts to terawatts conversion table. To create a watts to terawatts conversion table for different values, click on the "Create a customized power conversion table" button.

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