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What is kilo-electron volt?

The kiloelectronvolt (or kilo-electron volt) is a unit of energy equal to 1.60217656535x10-16 joules (1 keV = 1.60217656535x10-16 J), the SI derived unit of energy. It is also equal to 1.60217656535x10-7 nanojoules (nJ), or 1.60217656535x10-13 millijoules (mJ), or 1.60217656535x10-19 kilojoules (kJ), or 1,000 electronvolts (eV) or 1,000,000 millielectronvolts (meV).

One kiloelectronvolt (keV) is equal to 1,000 electronvolts (eV). The electronvolt is the kinetic energy gained by a free electron when it travels through a potential difference of one volt.

The kiloelectronvolt is commonly used in physics for measuring the energies of elementary particles.

The SI is an abbreviation for the International System of Units.




kilo-electron volts

Also known as:

kiloelectron-volt (plural: kiloelectron-volts), kilo-electron volt (plural: kilo-electron volts)

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