Area and surface conversion table (chart)

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Create an area conversion table (chart) for the specific area measurement units and values desired. These table select from a large variety of imperial, US customary and metric units of area, such as square inches (sq in), square feet (sq ft), square yards (sq yd), square miles (sq mi), square millimeters (mm2), square centimeters (cm2), square kilometers (km2), acres, hectares (ha), etc. To create an area conversion table, first select the units of area from the in-cell drop-down lists below and then type in the required fields the initial value to show up on the first row of the conversion table, the increment and the number of rows of the conversion table. The area conversion table will be generated automatically after entering all the required information in the designed fields.

1. Select the area units

unit 1:
unit 2:

2. Create the conversion table

Type in the area unit value to show up on the 1st row of the table
Type in the increment (positive integers, i.e. 4, 8, 22, etc.)
Type in the number of rows (maximum 100)